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Sanitation – Part 2

Time limit: 45 days

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Meet your Instructor

Dr. Kevin Keener
 is the Director of the Food Processing Environmental Assistance Center and the Food Technology Development Laboratory at Purdue University. He also leads the food industry assistance response team, which provides technical assistance on food safety, food technology, food regulations, and food labeling to more than 120 food entrepreneurs each year along with many major food companies. He is also a professor in the Department of Food Science with an associate faculty appointment in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. In addition, he is a licensed professional engineer (P.E.).
In the past 10 years, Dr. Keener has developed and delivered an on-line plant sanitation courses to more than 100 industry professionals and university students. He has received grant funding in excess of $2.5 million. He has produced 28 Extension publications, 25 refereed publications, 25 non-refereed publications, 88 presentations, and 58 abstracts. In addition, he has made 62 invited presentations to approximately 1,000 people, and has developed, organized, and presented more than 50 workshops to approximately 2,000 people.


Implementing an adequate food plant sanitation program is a critical and necessary prerequisite of any successful HACCP program or food safety system. Equally important is the regulatory inspection training to ensure that inspectors can identify potential weaknesses in development, implementation, verification, and validation of SSOP programs. FDA inspectors along with contracted state, local, and tribal regulatory agencies are charged with ensuring current Good Manufacturing Practices under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which includes food plant sanitation programs. The lesson modules in Sanitation Part 2 are:

  • Equipment design considerations
  • Evaluation of sanitation records
  • Utilization of sanitation records within a proactive food safety program

The lesson modules in Sanitation Part 2 (together with those from Part 1) complete the introductory level course on evaluation of a food plant sanitation program.

Course Goals:

    1. Introduce inspectors to proper sanitation practices in equipment design and operation.
    2. Identify and visually highlight examples of potential equipment design flaws impacting proper equipment cleaning and sanitation.
    3. Explain and demonstrate necessary components and procedures to produce adequate sanitation records and their utilization as supporting documents in food safety system management.
    4. Prepare course participants for “real life” plant sanitation inspections.

Learning Outcomes:

      • Be able to identify and evaluate a food plant sanitation program for overall effectiveness.
      • Specific areas of knowledge gained from this course  include:
        • Cleaning and sanitizing activities
        • Employee hygiene practices
        • Pest management program
        • Facility design requirements
        • Equipment design considerations
        • Proper recordkeeping
        • Proper use of sanitation program records as supporting documents in a food safety program
This course is 1.5 CEU.